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In Focus: The Maasai Cricket Warriors

In Kenya, a group of young Maasai warriors from the Laikipia region formed a cricket team with big hopes: to promote healthy living, to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS and women’s issues, and ultimately to become role models in their community and ambassadors for both the Maasai and Kenya. The Maasai Cricket Warriors have been training hard, having recently left their village for the city of Mombasa to attend the Legends Cricket Nursery for further coaching. Their next goal is to travel to South Africa to take part in the Last Man Stands World Championships. The team has an open invitation and is now raising funds to make the trip.

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59th Street/Lexington Avenue-59th Street Station // 4, 5, 6, N, R, W subway trains
Elizabeth Murray: Blooming, 1996
Glass mosaic

Riders at this station are treated to the joyous burst of color and shapes that is Blooming. The mosaics defy the corners of the space as the imagery wraps around corners, down steps, and through doorways.

Elizabeth Murray’s Blooming takes its title from Bloomingdale’s, located above the station upstairs. The artist views the subway as a “dreamy underworld” and also a place to wake up, and her pink trees, red shoes and yellow mugs with steaming coffee succeed in gaining the viewers’ attention. Murray says, “I added the stepping shoes and steaming coffee cups, part of the ritual of every morning or evening subway trip.” The images are intended to “stimulate thoughts about passage, as does the poetry” that is incorporated into the mural, lines from William Butler Yeats’s, “In dreams begin responsibility,” and Gwendolyn Brooks’s “Conduct your blooming in the noise and whip of the whirlwind.”

The bottom two photos are of the space before the mosaic was installed. What a difference!


It was a pajamas-on-head kind of day today. 
(submitted by scarlettown)


It was a pajamas-on-head kind of day today. 

(submitted by scarlettown)


‘Angry Birds’ Formula 1 edition: Heikki Kovalainen will wear red bird helmet in 2012
Gives new meaning to road rage.


  • five donors find themselves in the spotlight: Texas billionaire Harold Simmons, casino moguls Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, Paypal co-founder (and Facebook investor) Peter Thiel, and Houston home-builder Bob Perry
  • $30.4 million donated by the five people, the largest donations going to the…


Many saw 2011 as a perfect storm for a wave of abortion restrictions to sweep through the states. A heated battle during health reform over federal funding of abortion raised the issue nationally. When Republicans gained control of many more state houses in 2010, they were ready to act….

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